The iconic sunflower fields at Rhossil

Rhossili Sunflowers is located at the iconic Vile in Rhossili. We currently grow around 8 acres of sunflowers. Years ago, the Vile was famous for vegetable production, growing some of the best vegetables in the UK. Demand for that has declined, as has farming on the Gower. Now, most of the land is owned by the National Trust, some by local farmers, and the sunflower fields by Robert Morgan of Gower Fresh Christmas Trees.

The sunflower fields bloom yearly around mid-July, where nearly 400,000 sunflowers are grown. We grow over 10 varieties and colours, and being set with the iconic Worms Head and Rhossili Bay in the background is a great day out. We just completed the drilling and planted seeds ready for the summer. It’s been a great experience to do the work, drive the tractor and at the same time enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the lovely sunshine.

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Available for

Pick Your Own

From seeds to flower grown with love

From seeds to flower grown with love We offer Pick Your Own (PYO) sunflowers; you can pick bunches and take them home from the PYO field (feel free to bring secateurs) to make your own displays. The nature /Gruffalo trail, 5 acres of sunflowers (no PYO in this field), and a trail amongst the sunflowers, where you will find animal wooden sculptures marked on your trail card as you wander around. Also nestled in the trail field is our sunflower arch and heart, where you'll get your perfect sunflower pictures or even get engaged. We get couples getting engaged every year; it's a very romantic setting for a proposal.

Opening times will be from 9:30 to dusk. It will be closed on bad weather days. To learn more on a daily basis, please follow our Facebook page or search for #rhossilisunflowers if you are travelling.

The sunflower fields’ parking is in the National Trust car park, and it is then a short walk of about 20 minutes to the bottom field. The car park is priced at £3 for 2 hours or £6 for the day. Along the way, you can take in the beautiful view of Rhossili beach (please see map).

Visit the famous Sunflower Fields at Rhossili.